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Homemade knit and crochet items for you and your home.

Who we are

We are just a couple of friends who met about 10 years ago at our children's school. It was funny that in a matter of minutes we discovered that we had so many things in common. Both of our parents had emigrated from Cuba to the U.S. Both of us were working in the medical field. And, both of our families were new to the area. Immediately we became inseparable. We have been through many things together...both good and bad.

The good; vacations, graduations, parties.

The bad; cancer, death of loved ones, and one of us moving to another state. 

After the move, we felt like we needed something to keep our friendship as strong as ever. That's when Yarnasté was born. Another thing we had in common and loved. Yarn!

That's us in a nutshell. We hope that you love our stuff as much as we do.

What does Yarnasté mean?

On 7/17 my friend and I started Yarnasté. The name may sound funny, (why would we call ourselves yarn nasty?) However, our name comes from two things that bring us peace and friendship which are yoga and yarn. For us, the word Namasté means, "The light in me honors and reflects the light in you." Just the thought of the word makes me want to do my best child's pose and call it a day. We feel yarn, similar to yoga, gives us peace and awareness. What a perfect combination! We have all been there, stressed for whatever reason and using our hands just seems to bring us into the present. It allows us to stop, take a breath, enjoy the moment, and be kind to ourselves and one another. So hopefully this explains a little of our quirky name. 

Namasté from us at Yarnasté.

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